Annual events


  1. January

    • Saitansai (New Year's Festival)
      January 1st
    • Tondo Festival (Old Talisman Burning Festival)
      On a holiday around January 15th
  2. March

    • Spring Ireisai (Memorial Ceremony)
      Shunbun no Hi (Vernal Equinox Day)
  3. April

    • Shunki Reisai (Spring Regular Festival) (Kinensai (Toshigoi no Matsur) prayer service for a good crop / Spring Festival)
      April 17th or the Sunday before
  4. June

    • Nagashi Oharae (Summer Purification Ceremony)
      June 30th
  5. August

    • Atomic Bomb Ireisai (Memorial Ceremony)
      August 6th
  6. September

    • Autumn Ireisai (Memorial Ceremony)
      Shubun no Hi (Autumnal Equinox Day)
  7. October

    • Shuki Reisai (Niname Festival / Autumn Festival)
      October 17th or the Saturday/Sunday before
  8. November

    • Shichi Go San Mode (Seven, Five, Three Year Old Shrine Visits)
      Late September to Early December
  9. December

    • Toshikoshi Oharae (Year-end Purification Ceremony)
      December 31st
    • Joyasai (New Year's Eve Festival)
      December 31st
    • Nikkusai (Daily Offering Ceremony)
    • Tsukinamisai (Monthly Festival)
      1st and 15th of every month


  1. January

    • Jumbo Pot Boiled Rice Cakes
      January 1st
    • Nanakusa Gayu (rice gruel containing the seven spring herbs)
      January 7th
    • Tondo Festival
      On a holiday around January 15th
  2. July / August

    • Summer Vacation Radio Calisthenics
      Session Late July to Early August
  3. September

    • Toshogu Sketching Event
      Early September
    • Consecration Tea Ceremony
      Spring and Autumn Regular Festival Days
    • Consecration Ikebana Exhibition
      Spring and Autumn Regular Festival Days
    • Children's Kagura Joint Performances
      Day before Autumn Regular Festival
    • Kirinjishimai
      Day before Autumn Regular Festival